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7 Reasons to Include Mulch in Your Next Landscaping Design

14th June 2013

landscape design

Creating beautiful landscaping requires purchasing the right plants and then creating a design that incorporates the natural elements of your yard to produce a visually appealing and flowing arrangement. Mulch, a covering that is typically made of recycled wood or sometimes rubber products, binds all the elements together to make your landscaping look like one cohesive project. Here are seven great reasons to use mulch:


Mulch protects your plants by keeping roots warm. New Jersey spring and fall weather can be unpredictable; don’t let an unexpected cold front stunt your growing season.


Mulch adds continuity and cohesion to a garden by providing an elegant canvas for your plants to grow. Mulch also comes in a variety of styles and colors, making it easy to select a product that fits the size and characteristics of your home.

Animal control

Animals such as rabbits, squirrels, and rats dislike the feel of walking on mulch. Because of this, it can be used a deterrent in vegetable gardens or areas where critters tend to eat foliage.


As wood mulch decays, valuable plant nutrients are released into the soil. Mulch is not only visually appealing, but it serves as compost for your gardens!

Weed control

Weeding can be a laborious task, especially if it is not done regularly. Mulch keeps the weeds to a minimum and the ones that grow are easier to remove.


Areas such as beneath downspouts or leaky gutters can benefit from mulch because it lessens erosion. This will keep prevent erosion and keep roots from being exposed and potentially damaging the plant.


A layer of mulch retains moisture, allowing an even and continuous water source for plants.

We can help you take advantage of the benefits of using mulch by helping you through the process of creating a unique and custom landscape design for your home. We offer free estimates for all your needs and encourage you to contact us so we can assist in your next landscaping project!