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The Benefits of a Landscaping Irrigation System

12th April 2013

It’s that time of year again, time to examine our landscaping with a critical eye and make plans for improvements and maybe a few upgrades.  If you are in the habit of repositioning your sprinkler a number of times a day, a few times a week, maybe you have dreamed about the freedom a sprinkler system would bring to your life.  In addition to the freedom from manual labor, you will also see a healthier lawn and landscape which means more curb appeal.  All of the benefits you will realize will make you happy you made the investment in an automatic irrigation system.

You may be putting off this purchase because of questions surrounding the environmental friendliness of an irrigation system or maybe you believe that the rainfall in your area is sufficient.  Let’s examine some typical concerns and see if we can help you make the most informed decision possible.

What About Water Conservation?

Some people believe that an irrigation system uses more water than watering by hand when in fact, the opposite is true.  An automatic system will definitely conserve water use and save you money.  Today’s systems can be designed to include a sensor which tells the system whether or not water is even needed.  You no longer need worry about your system running during a rain shower.  In addition, you will not experience over watering or wasting water due to runoff or forgetting to turn off the hose.

Does It Water As Well As You Do?

Actually, an automatic system will water better and more completely than you would be able to.  The system is designed to delivered a perfectly measured amount of water which will be ideal to the needs of the landscape involved.  A professionally designed system will offer different watering methods depending on the needs of different types of foliage.  For instance, a drip system might be better for your flower beds than a sprinkler would be.

You Get A Lot Of Rain, Do You Really Need It?

If we could depend on Mother Nature to provide our landscapes with exactly what it needs, there would be no need for watering at all. Unfortunately, she is not nearly that dependable.  Climate change may also be part of why droughts have been so severe or have effected parts of the country not normally that dry.  Your landscaping is an investment and as such, should be protected as much as possible.  Consider your automatic irrigation system to be a form of insurance against Mother Nature’s bad moods.

Your system should be tailor-made to best meet the needs of your landscaping.  A professionally designed system should also take into consideration local weather conditions as well as local soil conditions. 

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