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The Buck Stops Here: Deer Proofing Your Yard

7th March 2013

As we reach the end of winter and start thinking ahead to spring and summer, our minds drift to warm days enjoying our yards and gardens. Unfortunately, we aren’t the only ones who are looking forward to spending time there. White tail deer love the easy access to a variety of plants that your yard provides and even fairly urban landscapes have to contend with deer visitors. There are ways to minimize the deer damage, however, without affecting the beauty of your landscaping.

While deer will eat almost any plant if they get hungry enough, they have their favorites. Landscaping with plants that are not as attractive to deer is a good first step to deer proofing your yard. If you do use plants that deer favor, planting them close to the house can discourage deer from eating them; deer are skittish and prefer to keep their distance. They also don’t like sudden noises or light, so placing wind chimes and motion-sensing lights throughout your yard can also help. Since deer use their sense of smell to locate food, planting strong-smelling herbs such as chives, lavender and mint in your landscaping beds can mask the smell of plants that attract deer.

Deer are persistent, so even with the strategies mentioned above, you won’t eliminate all deer damage. To improve your chances of keeping deer away, you can use landscaping devices to physically block deer from entering your yard or garden. Fencing is an obvious choice, though it must be tall to be effective. You will also want your fence to be attractive; there’s no point in keeping deer out of your yard if you no longer want to be in it because of an ugly fence! Large shrubs can also be used as natural fencing in parts of your yard. Deer don’t like to climb, so using terraces or sunken beds can discourage deer from making a lunch of your landscaping.

While you probably won’t eliminate all deer from your yard, smart landscaping can limit the damage while still providing a beautiful space for you to enjoy. Palughi Landscape Services can design and install landscaping that you will love to be in and that the deer will love a little less. Contact us to see how we can help.