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Drainage Solutions for New Jersey Homeowners

4th May 2013

© PalangsiAccording to Weather.com, the average rainfall for the month of May in Morristown, New Jersey, is 4.38 inches. This is slightly higher than the national average of 3.8 inches for May (that is, the average of 26 major cities across the United States). So this is the time of year when drainage problems in your yard are likely to become pronounced. Following are some of the options for channeling excess rainwater away from your foundation and off your yard:

Roof gutters and downspouts collect rainwater from your roof and direct it away. The simplest systems end in extensions which direct the overflow into the yard. This can create further problems in itself: either the excess water will collect in low-lying areas, killing grass and breeding mosquitoes, or it will flood neighbors’ yards.

Foundation drainage pipes, perforated and set in gravel, can be connected to the downspouts to disperse water. Often, the gravel is covered with landscape fabric to prevent the drain’s clogging.

Storm drainpipes, usually made of aluminum or polyvinyl chloride, can be laid from the house connecting to the catch basin or the city’s storm drain tunnel.  

Trench drains are often used to capture rainwater flowing over hard surfaces like driveways or patios. These also direct the excess water to the city storm tunnels.

French drains are usually perforated pipes set in a gravel-filled trench similar to foundation drainage pipes. French drains, however, can be dug anywhere in the yard where drainage is a problem. When rainwater fills the trench, it drains through the gravel and fabric into the pipe, where it is carried away and dispersed.

Drywells can be installed in areas where the runoff cannot be channeled into a storm tunnel. They consist of drainage pipes ending in a buried receptacle filled with gravel. This collects the excess water and slowly disperses it into the ground.

The best drainage solution for your property requires an on-site consultation by landscape drainage experts. Contact us for a free estimate on your project today.