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Why Should You Use a Lawn Watering Schedule?

11th June 2013

water spatter

Creating a lawn watering schedule that meets the unique needs of your type of grass and variety of plants is crucial to keep your yard thriving through different seasons. A lawn care schedule will save you both time and money as well as ensuring the longevity of the investment you’ve made in your landscaping. A lawn care schedule also helps with several other lawn care factors including;

1.) Prevents overwatering: Too much water is just as a dangerous as too little because it can lead to mildew and fungus. Less frequent, longer times spent watering your lawn are actually more beneficial as they ensures the water penetrates the soil and doesn’t just encourage weed growth on the surface, Check the condition of the soul 2-6 inches below the surface to determine if more water is needed.

2.) Provides water at the optimum time of day: In the early morning, when the air is coolest is the best time to water your lawn. It ensures that water will not be lost due to evaporation. Watering during the hot, sunny afternoon hours can result in scorched grass and turf and should also be avoided.

3.) Utilizes rain barrels/sprinkler systems to their maximum potential: Consider investing in a sprinkler system with a rain sensor to save yourself money and always, always, always make sure your sprinklers are properly positioned towards your lawn with as little runoff as possible. A lawn care schedule will help ensure no water is wasted in the process.

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