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Maintaining Green Grass With Healthy Lawn Tips

11th May 2013

© Gergely Bényi | Dreamstime Stock PhotosNothing is more pleasant that a plush green lawn. Taking pride in the health of your lawn is a crucial part of the American dream. However, there are many factors which can quickly cause your lawn to become a disorganized mess. Bugs, weeds and grass death can quickly label you as the sore thumb of the neighborhood. By learning how to follow some healthy lawn tips, quickly improving the health of your lawn should be possible in no time at all.

Avoid using a lawnmower that collects your grass clippings. Although it will save you some work short-term since you won’t have to clean up your sidewalk after mowing, it will starve the grass of nutrients over the long-term. Decomposing grass provides a lawn with the nutrition it needs to flourish without the use of harsh fertilizers. On the other hand, a layer of dead grass clippings known as the thatch can prevent grass roots from breathing properly. Sample a square yard of your lawn. If the thatch is deeper than a half inch, perform a core aeration in the early fall season.

Adjust your lawn mower to mow your grass tall instead of short. When you allow your lawn to grow taller, the roots respond by penetrating further into the ground. This enhances their health, resulting in a greener lawn.

In order for a lawn to sustain growth it needs at least an inch of water every week. This figure may change depending on the time of the season, especially during drought season. Remember to always water your lawn at night. Watering during the day can cause damage from steam.

Keep your lawn mower blade sharp. According to The Family Handyman, “Cut your grass using a sharp blade (illustration below). A dull one tears grass rather than cutting it cleanly. Damaged grass turns yellow, requires more water and nutrients to recover, and is more susceptible to disease. Sharpening and balancing a blade three times a year is usually enough to maintain a good cutting edge— unless you hit lots of rocks.”

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