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Snow & Ice Removal

While Northern New Jersey is not typically known for its “harsh” winters, we have certainly seen our fair share of winter weather.

Palughi Landscape Services is dedicated to providing property maintenance services year round, rain or shine, ice, snow, or whatever mother nature throws our way. Winter maintenance services are especially vital to our area for the safety of our residence and businesses. Icy parking lots are an all-to-common hazard and can lead to liability and legal issues if a customer was to slip and fall from their car to your front door or vice versa.

The key to our winter weather services is preventative care. By proactively taking measures to minimize the impact of ice and snow we are able to insure your residential or commercial property remains safe and unobstructed for customers or residents. 

Palughi Landscape Services has the equipment necessary to provide you with top of the line winter weather services including preventative ice measures as well as ice and snow removal. We are also dedicated to using only eco-friendly products to aid with ice melting and removal as well as prevention.

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