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Turn Your Outdoor Living Space into a Beautiful Summer Haven

1st June 2013

Photo by ARNOLD Masonry and Concrete

Spending time outside is one of the best parts of summer. Taking trips to nearby parks, beaches and lakes can make for fun getaways, but the expense of driving, food, entry fees and parking add up over time. Your own backyard can be turned into a glorious haven that will bring enjoyment for many seasons to come. Bring the perfect summer retreat to your own outdoor living space with these landscaping ideas:

  • Select plants that are suited for your hardiness zone. The USDA has created a plant hardiness zone map for the entire United States. For example, Butler, New Jersey has a hardiness zone of 6a. Knowing the proper zone for your locations will help you select plants suited for your environment and weather patterns so they are more likely to survive.
  • Add appeal and depth to your landscape with winding stone walkways, flowing fountains, terraces draped with trailing flowers and sprawling green lawns.
  • Plant a mixture of both perennial and annual flowers and shrubs to ensure year round color while allowing for variety from year to year.
  • Create living space in your summer haven with an outdoor kitchen, fire pit or gazebo. Summer evenings are perfectly spent outside and these ideas will maximize the time and enjoyment of your yard.
  • Invest in trees to not only bring much desired shade on a hot summer day, but add beauty, warmth and charm to a yard. Surround trees with plants that thrive in the shade.
  • Bring life to summer evenings with outdoor lighting. Lights can be added to pathways for safety, patios for a twilight get together, pool and spa decks to enhance an evening hot tub soak, gardens to draw attention to breathtaking flowers or interesting sculptures and anywhere else illumination is desired.

If creating a spectacular summer getaway in your own backyard sounds too good to be true, contact us for a free estimate. As a full-service, professional landscaping company offering a wide range of unique services, we can assist in bringing your landscaping vision to life.