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Year-Round Healthy Lawn Tips

14th March 2013

Each season has its own characteristics and Spring is perhaps the more bucolic time of year, especially when it comes to flowers. The hallmark of every period, however, is not complete unless it is accompanied by a beautiful garden. Keeping it beautiful and healthy is intensified during the winter and summer months because of the extreme weather changes.

Here are some tips for effective lawn care that are essential throughout the year:

  • Consider maintaining a “leaf-free” environment. This is very important because the accumulation of leaves can attract mold and leave the lawn in a sickly state. For this, you need to correctly pruning and clean every area. Each type has a specific ideal height. 
  • Common sense has to prevail when performing lawn maintenance. Trimming too often will weaken the lawn, which leaves it susceptible to pests and diseases. Burning your leaves is also a bad idea because it can harm the environment, especially through plant nutrition.
  • Using manure as fertilizer is a commonly practiced error. However, it can contaminate the area with weeds. The correct fertilization must be chemistry-designed or organic. The main nutrients that need to integrate the “food” of soil are, nitrogen and potassium, both for healthy growth, and if the lawn is very uneven, phosphorus.
  • Sunlight and water are also very important. The correct lighting and watering will leave your lawn. 
  • The timing of irrigation is of paramount importance in the lawn care process. Irrigating the lawn in the cooler hours of the day (during the morning or afternoon) and not excessively wetting it down will also help prevent a proliferation of fungi. The correct frequency varies according to the location of the grass: in the shadow, once a week, in the sun, twice, and so on.
  • The type of soil is also of interest as well: sandy soil retains less water, while the clay holds more liquid.

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